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Cambridgeshire and Norfolk

The interview transcripts are a verbatim record of the audio interview that took place with each interviewee. Therefore the transcripts contain regional words, local dialect, unfinished sentences and pauses; they have not been edited apart from where necessary for data protection.

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  • Emma Ayling  |  Cambridgeshire
    Emma Ayling | Cambridgeshire
  • Janice Blackhurst  |  Cambridgeshire
    Janice Blackhurst | Cambridgeshire
  • Janita Jenkinson  |  Worcestershire
    Janita Jenkinson | Worcestershire
  • Moira Neal  |  Cambridgeshire
    Moira Neal | Cambridgeshire
  • Pamela Soper  |  Cambridgeshire
    Pamela Soper | Cambridgeshire

    We will be uploading interviews for this region as they become available, please check back soon.